Vers une pragmatique théorique basée sur la ludique et les continuations

Symmetric calculi and Ludics for the semantic interpretation

Hamburg, august 4-8 (2008)

  • Presentation

    {{{Organisation}}} The workshop is organised in the framework of the french [ANR-PRELUDE program->] by Alain Lecomte ( and Myriam Quatrini ( This workshop is (...)

  • Program Committee

    Myriam Quatrini (IML Marseille) Alain Lecomte (SFL - Paris 8) Marie-Renée Fleury (IML - Marseille) Pierre Livet (Aix en Provence) Jean-Baptiste Joinet (Paris 1) Claire Beyssade (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris) Laurent Roussarie (SFL - Paris 8) (...)

  • Purpose and topics

    In recent years there have been some important new developments in methods of dealing with semantic and pragmatic phenomena in Linguistics, inspired by developments in Logic and Theoretical Computer Science. Among these developments, (...)

  • Call for papers

    {{{Submission topic}}} Symmetric calculi and Ludics for the semantic interpretation {{{Areas of interest}}} Linguistics - Computational Linguistics - Applied mathematics - Philosophy of logic and language - Logic - Cognitive Science (...)

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