Vers une pragmatique théorique basée sur la ludique et les continuations

Games, dialogues and interaction


{{BACKGROUND}} This workshop is to be held in the frame of the PRELUDE project (funded by the French ANR – Agence Nationale pour la Recherche), which is a joint project of four research teams : laboratoire “Structures Formelles de la Langue” (Paris VIII and CNRS), Institut de mathématiques de Luminy (Aix-Marseille and CNRS), laboratoire d’informatique de Bordeaux (équipe Signes) (Bordeaux I, CNRS and INRIA) and laboratoire lorrain de recherches en informatique et applications (LORIA, Nancy). It will be hosted by Paris VIII University in its premises located in Paris, 59 rue Pouchet (17e). {{AIMS AND SCOPE}} “PRELUDE” stands for “Towards a Theoretical Pragmatic based on Ludics and Continuations”, that is to say that a particular emphasis has been put during all these years on the use of new formal tools coming from Theoretical Computer Science and Logic in order to give new formulations for language phenomena pertaining to formal semantics (logical forms), pragmatics (dialogue, presupposition) and even argumentation (fallacies and stratagems). As indicated by its title, this workshop will be devoted on all aspects of the formal study of dialogue and interactions: syntax of dialogue, semantic, pragmatic and philosophical aspects.
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